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Too busy to eat well?

Cookies and Cream
With a busy lifestyle it's easy to make bad choices when you're hungry.  These solve that problem instantly!

Never panic!

Ever found yourself sabotaging your diet? Let me show you to avoid that, easily and without feeling guilty...

Are you a plate clearer?

Do you eat everything on your plate even when you’re not hungry? This will be a habit from childhood. You would have been encouraged/made to finish everything on your plate. You’re still carrying on the same way. We are born with the innate ability to eat the right amount for what our body needs. There […]

When it’s too good to be true…

  You’re sitting in your PJ’s surfing the net. You spot an ad that promises fast easy weight loss. You think, I bet that’s not true, but I’ll just check it out, because you never know. You really want to lose weight. You want to wake up the next morning and be thin. You want […]